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Against to the uncertainties created by the Covid-19 pandemic, Diamantes de Madeira was founded in 2020, armed with a bold and entrepreneurial spirit combined with the desire to manufacturer products of the highest quality, while loyally complying with the criteria and deadlines previously established with the client.

The addition of a capable, dynamic and highly qualified team, gives us the certainty that we combine efficiency and quality, transposing all our commitment, accuracy and professionalism to each project that we are challenged with.

From the design process to the product delivery, our methodologies are improved and innovated, which blossom in well-executed processes that elevate our company to a benchmark in the national and international market.


Every day, we work to guarantee the manufacture and production of the best products by using the highest quality raw materials, while loyally complying with the criteria and deadlines established with the client.

One of the main aspects that defines Diamantes de Madeira is the approach to select and work with wood in its most natural state.

Our priority is the bond of trust with our partners, suppliers, customers and employees, which creates a lasting synergy for the constant evolution of our brand and growing presence in the market.



From bespoke furniture to customised solutions for hotels, shops or offices, Diamantes de Madeira has been succeeded for numerous projects and collaborations worldwide.

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